I am a Georgia artist with strong ties to Florida and Alabama. I work in oil and collage and use the computer for some of my early mock ups. I think as an artist we should use all the tools that are available to us to gain an advantage. The market is flooded with artists of all levels, more so than any other time in the history of art.


In this site you will find the artwork of J. William Hill formerly known as Jim or Jimmy to his friends in Florida. I go by J. William these days and have done so for over a decade in the arts community.


Today I share studio space with a group of talented artist at The B Complex in the southwest, Atlanta, Georgia. The studio is always open to visitors, but it is best to call and set up an appointment to insure I am at the complex.

" Art is immense and wonderful - a place all should visit and even try sometime in their lives."

                                                                                                                               -  William Hill

Tickets to Closing Party  are now on sale through eventbrite.

Oct. 27, 2017

7 -11 pm

1272 Murphy Ave SW

Atlanta, Ga. 30310


Opening Reception Oct 21, 2017  - 6:30 - 10 is free to all.

The Nexus Axiom

a collaboration by Rose M Barron and J William Hill

Addressing the Ghost in the Mirror

Rose M Barron

archival pigment print

In 2016 I began a collaboration with Rose M Barron known as The Nexus Axiom Project. I looks at social identity issues through the eyes of women and the LGBTQ community. Each year we do a tableau and short performance piece. It is photographed and the images are used by both Rose and myself to further our work during the year. Please visit and find us on Facebook where we are grateful for your "likes". The upcoming performance will be The Briar Rose: the Girl in the Forest, opening night October 21st and closing party October 27th at the B Complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Call 404 358 0793 for more information.



New Paintings


These are a few of my new painting that were conceived and produced with Rose M. Barron. The way we work is by developing a tableau first and then photographing the tableau. Rose uses images of the tableau in her photography and I use images we've shot to develop paintings from. Many of my paintings are simply conceived from the overall theme; in this case "madonnas,saints and monsters.

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Behind the Mask

20 x 20 inches

Oil on canvas

Medusa Is Mad

12 x 12 inches

Oil on wood panel

Black Lives Do Matter

12 x 12 inches

Oil on wood panel

Are You Ready For My Close Up?

12 x 12 inches

Oil on wood panel

Golden Girl

12 x 12 inches

Oil on wood panel

Mother Mary Comes To Me

12 x 12 inches

Oil on wood panel

monsters and Modannas Series

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