The Art Work of

J. William Hill

The Nexus Axiom

a collaboration by Rose M Barron and J William Hill

"I Met A Girl Who Sang The Blues, She Asked Me For Some Happy News:

I Said 'Life Is Hard'"


In 2016 I began a collaboration with Rose M Barron known as The Nexus Axiom Project. I looks at social identity issues through the eyes of women and the LGBTQ community. Each year we do a tableau and short performance piece. It is photographed and the images are used by both Rose and myself to further our work during the year. Please visit and find us on Facebook where we are grateful for your "likes". The upcoming performance will be The Briar Rose: the Girl in the Forest, opening night October 21st and closing party October 27th at the B Complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Call 404 358 0793 for more information.

Addressing the Ghost in the Mirror

Rose M Barron

archival pigment print

© 2015 J. William Hill. All rights reserved.