size: 30" w. x 40" h. x 1.5" d.

medium: oil on canvas

Flight of Isis


This is a mythological painting and is a visual representation of Isis as she flees her imprisonment after reassembling the body of her lost love Osiris, to sire Horus. The Ibis represents Thoth, the Egyptian god of Wisdom, as he returns to the sky after setting Isis free.


For many long, sorrowful years Isis searched the lands and her sister went with her everywhere. Wherever they found a piece of OsirisĀ“ body, they erected an altar, giving thanks to the Gods and performing rites that were ever afterward practiced as funeral rites in Egypt. All the parts were found except for the phallus which had been thrown into the Nile and eaten by a fish. Isis appealed to Thoth who fashioned a phallus out of wood. Bringing all the thirteen body parts together in magic she prayed. Thus Isis succeeded, through her prayers to Ra, and her powerful magic, in restoring life to Osiris - for one night of love in which Horus (the younger) was conceived.


In the marshlands of Chemmis she gave birth to the son of Osiris, Horus the younger. His childhood was filled with dangers and Isis had to hide his existence so that Set should not discover him and suspect that a son of Osiris had been born that would take revenge on Set when he grew to manhood. No matter how Isis tried to watch constantly over him, Set found them and lured them into a spinning-mill, pretending to Isis it was for her own safety. She had no chance to flee with the young child, but eventually Thoth, the god of Wisdom saw her need and came to her aid. In the dark of the night Thoth helped Isis out of her prison.



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